10 Strategies for Playing Poker Online

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To be a winner of a poker online game is certainly not easy, you need some special strategies and techniques so, you can beat other players. Because the game of poker doesn't always rely on luck but on the ability of each player. Even in European states, a book on poker strategy by David Sklansky entitled "The Theory of Poker: A Professional Poker Player Teaches You How To Think Like One" has become one of the best-selling books. For those of you who haven't read the book, this time I will outline the poker game strategy according to David Sklansky :

1. Don't play drunk
Do you know John Juanda? This professional poker player from Indonesia has never played when his drunk. Because his father was also a gambling player who liked to get drunk while playing, so that it made him quite difficult to get a victory of the game. So, Juanda learned from his father to not to drink during the game. In fact, he likes to buy drinks for other players, so that they lose concentration and focus while playing. This is one of the strategies Juanda often uses to defeat his opponent.

2. Focus
Focus is one of the most important factors in this game, why? Because, in the game of poker each player will be faced with several options such as raise, call, check, or fold. So, before making a decision, of course they must focus and perfectly consider whether they want to continue or withdraw from the game. Even if you are choosing to withdraw from the game, you should not take your eyes off to another place. Because even if you don't participate in the game round, you should pay attention to the characters of other players, so that, you can find out your opponent's style of play.

3. Knowing other players characters
One way that you can find out the character of other players is by assessing the way they place bets on the pot. Are they the type of player who likes to play it safe? The type of player who plays safe is only willing to follow the bet when they have a good card rank, other than that they will withdraw from the game. Or does the opponent you face have an aggressive character? Aggressive types of players don't care about good or bad cards, they always follow the bet. You must know these two characters, so that, you don't take the wrong step in making betting decisions.

4. Don't bet large amounts at the start of the game
One of the mistakes that novice players often make, is placing large bets at the beginning of the game because they are so confident about the cards. It is necessary to know, that a good starting card does not necessarily give you a win, you should be patient until the fifth card (river) opens, so that, the percentage of your victory can be seen whether you have a high hand or not, and then you can decide to place a bet in large amount or not.

5. Bluff well!
One way that you can do to get a win even when you get a bad card is to bluff it. How? The trick is that you have to do it with confidence so that other players believe that the card you are holding in your hand has a high card rank so that other players will not dare to call the value of the bet that has been doubled and you become the winner of that round. However, you needs to know that this method has a high risk because you bet when the card in your hand is not good. So if your plan is caught then you must be prepared to lose a large amount of chips. If you don't have the courage then it's best to just play it safe.

6. Playing safe isn't always bad
As previously discussed, the way to play it safe is not to follow the game when you get a card that is not good. Actually this method is not always bad, because it can avoid all the risks of loss that exist. However, don't fold too often because other players will easily bully you. So, there are times when following a bet with a rank of cards in an ordinary hand.

7. Don't use the same technique over and over again
Sometimes you have to be an aggressive player and sometimes you have to be a passive player. That way you have succeeded in confusing other players because they cannot guess your character because the playing techniques used are always different. If players use the technique repeatedly, of course, this is your weak point because your opponent can guess the playing strategy you have. So, everything that has been planned will not be effective because other players already know your plan.

8. Limit the issued capital
Never play more than the capital limit that you have set. If the capital you have is used up, you should take a break and continue on tomorrow's day to try new luck. Usually, players who are experiencing defeat tend to get emotional easily, so they often take actions that are detrimental to themselves. So, even if you are losing, you should not be controlled by emotions because it only triggers the next loss. If your emotions are out of control, you should stop playing and take a break to calm down.

9. Have a profit target
You have to determine how much money you want to get from the poker game, if your target has been achieved, you should stop playing. Why should this be done? So that each of your victories will not be in vain. Maybe for a few rounds you are lucky enough to get a good hand, but luck, of course, is not always on your side. So, take advantage of the moment, when luck comes to get the desired advantage.

10. Play switching tables
Of course every poker gambling game provider provides many choices of game tables with different betting values. That way you can use it to find which table gives you good luck. How do you know the lucky table? The trick is to try for ten games, and see the results, whether you get more win or do you often get defeats? If you experience losses more often, you should look for a new table to try new luck.

That is the information we can convey about the 10 poker playing strategies to the visitors. Good luck with some strategies above and good luck in this poker game, thank you.


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