What effect will have the law of the minimum cigarette sale age

While in all major states in America adopted anti-smoking laws, indoor smoking ban and the minimum purchase age for tobacco and e-cigarette increased to 21, many people are wondering how much will cost this law infringement and how it will be regulated.

The new regulations related to tobacco and electronic cigarettes, so the seller who was caught with law infringement for the first time will be fined for $ 500 in a two-year period, the second time $ 250 for the second law infringement, $ 500 for the third and $ 1,000 for each additional infringement. This is applied to smokeless tobacco and accessories too.

Compliance checks are usually funded from the not-for-profit organizations and grants from the state. Everything happens as in life, adolescents under 21 years old go in stores, gas stations and other retailers and try to buy alcohol and tobacco products, in the case of infringements, the workers are ensured about the following minimum-age restrictions. These checks have been conducted with the sale of alcohol but has no experience with the sale of cigarettes.

The ordinances are valid only on the sale of cigarettes, tobacco products and electronic cigarette for people whose age is less than 21 years, but it does not affect the sale of cigarettes to other buyers, so, will not affect tobacco and e-cigarette possession. "This law allow people who are at least 18 years old to possess tobacco products and e-cigarettes" - City Council said.

I wonder how in fact this ordinances will work if any person from 16 years old may drive cars, it means that they can buy a pack of cigarettes in another city where is not yet valid the law of tobacco sales from 21 age. Or they may ask friends those over 21 years old to buy him a pack of cigarettes from a nearby store. All these actions will not infringe the law, because tobacco and cigarette possession is allowed to all persons up to 18 years old. Perhaps these laws would only worsen the economy in cities and states where they were adopted, but will not save young smokers from the bad habit.

Still not many people realize the fact that this law will not have such an effect as supposed those who adopted it.



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