What else anti-smoking laws are prepared for smokers

What else anti-smoking laws are prepared for smokersAccording to American law, developed by the Office of Quality Control of Food and Drug Administration of United States, a pack of cigarettes on both sides shall be covered with helpfull text about the dangers of smoking. In addition, in the country has been banned the sales of any flavored cigarettes, except menthol. Unacceptable are sales of tobacco products as samplers or gifts for any purchase in stores. Tobacco companies can not place the name brands as sponsors of any cultural, social and sporting events. A cigarette advertising on radio can not be accompanied by music or sound effects.

In the EU, a new anti-smoking legislation was approved by the European Parliament at the end of February. Under the new rules, in 2016 a pack of cigarettes will be decorated with scary images of the effects of smoking, covering at least 65% of the package. At the same time from the market shelves will disappear all flavored cigarettes, and since 2020, in contrast to the United States will be entered the ban on menthol cigarettes.

We note that in the European Union also were introduced a number of restrictions for electronic cigarettes. For example, the level of nicotine in the liquids for electronic devices must not exceed the mark of 20 mg/ml. In addition, after the entry into force of the new legislation, the refusal of at least three EU member states from the electronic cigarettes, will lead to their ban on the territory of all 28 states.

In February, the European Parliament adopted new rules aimed to toughen the fight against smoking. Since 2016 on cigarette packs obligatory will appear frightening images, in general the health warnings will have to occupy at least 65% of the surface of the package. Since 2016 will be banned from sale all the famous flavored cigarettes, although menthol cigarettes will be banned only in 2020. According to experts, the risk of flavored cigarettes is that they are more attractive to young people. "The vast majority of smokers begin to smoke at a very young age - 70% up to 18 years 94% up to 25 years. The purpose of the new rules is to make tobacco products and smoking less attractive in the EU, especially among young people", - said in a memorandum.

In addition, the new legislation provides for stricter requirements for the advertising of tobacco products and the introduction of trade rules for electronic cigarettes.



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